What about the group?

I do think a local group is really key to getting things up and running. It doesn't have to be very big, probably as few as few as 3 or 4 can serve as critical mass. Some of the things that helped us:

  1. Definite goals, show at the NNGC!
  2. Regular meetings, one reason that I think that it's important that you modules fit in your normal mode of transport. If you drive a big truck, your already set, at least until you fill up. Even the smallest car can generally carry a 2x4 module. Everything had to be there for the YSL to run, but maybe you don't have to bring them all.
  3. A big place to gather together.
  4. An overall thought one what your groups modules will grow up to be. Whimsy is a valid choice, but it should be a choice and not an accident.

Did you use ME flex track?
Yes. Some sections use handlaid Code 70 though. Roadbed used is HO Homabed, spikes nicely.

California Roadbed Co. Inc.

What did you use for switches?
We used Railway Engineering for the most part, some of our group handlaid their own.

There is a group of us here in North Texas building a portable layout. We have started out with foam and a thin plywood box also. I would be curious to see photos of how you join each module.
1/4-20 bolts and wingnuts, I'll take pictures at the convention.

How much do the modules weigh?
Mine's 2' x 4' and maybe weighs 10-15 pounds and it fits in the back of a small Saturn station wagon, larger modules are moved in body bags in the back of pickups and a few people have vans.

Do you use a specialty vehicle to transport them?
No, everyday cars. The modules are mostly made from foam of one kind or another glued in a thin plywood box, they are very sturdy yet light weight.