Built By Jim Eckman in possession of David Gill

Carlon, inside Yosemite National Park near the Big Oak Flat entrance.

Carlon was the planned terminus for the Yosemite Short Line, though it was doubtful the Forest Service would have allowed this. The local community is called Carlon after the owner of a popular resort Donna Carlon. Just before you leave the park was the rustic Carl Inn, built in 1916 by the Carlons, it burned down several times. The local attraction, Carlon Falls is a rare year-round waterfall on the South Fork Tuolumne River with somewhat of an unusual shape. Even though the falls lies within the boundaries of Yosemite National Park, the trail starts outside its boundaries near Yosemite's Big Oak Flat Entrance.

New motor coach stops of on logging branch. Frank's new trees improve the background.

We realigned the track on this module since we couldn't get anything up it in a reliable fashion! Note the new bridge and other construction.
New bridge over the  creek

Another view of the new bridge

Dawn at carlons
 Dawn at Carlon, from an old picture courtesy of Picasa.
Old Ranger Station
Ranger station, but no Smokey around. This station has been relocated to a position off the layout!

Older Photos

Older general store version, since replaced.
After dropping off and probably goofing off, the Rolling Outhouse tries to make up for lost time heading for the bridge
Bumming around at Yosemite