Section 3 built Ken Lunders and in possession of John Roth

Round hill mill water tank
The water tank at Round Hill. Ken's fine modeling work combined with Dave Biondi's backdrops makes a fabulous little scene. Everything behind the water tank is backdrop!

Profile view of Round Hill Mill
Late evening at the Round Hill Mill, no locomotives on the trestle please!

Early morning at the Round Hill Mill
Early morning at the Round Hill Mill, it processes Ubiquisite ore a material found almost anywhere. Prototypes include the Red Stone Mill and the Gentle Annie Mine, Ken Lunders has created a nice PDF describing the prototype and the techniques he used.
You can get it here: Round Hill Mill prototypes and construction

Ken's also the owner/operator of Stevens Creek Models that carries kits and parts for On30, O as well as those other scales.

Older photos

Some of the areas are recovering from their plaster winter, spring is coming soon! Round Top Mill under construction, one primary construction material, cereal box cardboard!
Round Hill Mill before shot
Round Hill Mill under construction