There are 16 members in the group, some with modules, some without . Some of us knew each other before this project, but this is the first thing we have done together as a group. We have an agreement every section will be made available whenever the group displays the layout, even if the owner can not make it. We also agreed that if any one leaves the group their sections will stay in the group and a new “owner” will be found.


Current group members are: Dave Biondi, Richard Brennan, James Eckman, David Gill, Isaac Good, Ron Kolodzieczak, David Kreutzinger, Pat and Ronnie LaTorres, Scott Maze, Frank Markovitch, John Roth and Reg Shaffer. Dave Biondi, Dave Connery, Brad Lloyd, Jim Long, and  Ken Lunders are former members.


Sadly we lost Jim Long recently, without Jim I doubt the YSL would have ever been built.


This photo was taken at the 2013 O Scale West . Top left Scott Maze, Pat LaTorres, Reg Shaffer, Ron Kolodzieczak, Frank Markovitch and John Roth. Bottom left Ronnie LaTorres, Richard Brennan, James Eckman, David Kreutzinger and David Gill.

 Gang 2013


This photo was taken at the 2008 Narrow Gauge Convention in Portland Oregon. Top left, Jim Long, Isaac Good, Frank Markovitch, Ken Lunders, Pat LaTorres, John Roth, Ron Kolodzieczak. Bottom left, Dave Connery, Jim Eckman,   Scott Maze, Richard Brennan and Ronnie LaTorres.


An older photo, round up the usual suspects! Missing is Pat and Ronnie LaTorres, Ken Lunders, Frank Markovich and John Roth. Top left is our backdrop artist extraordinaire Dave Biondi.

group shot


YSL members on the web:

Ken Lunders runs Stevens Creek Models.


John Roth also is a member of a modular On30 group, California Central Coast Narrow Gauge Railroad - On30 modular group. They've shown at a fair number of Bay area venues.


Frank Markovich has a blog about his On3 layout.