YSL Scenery

Cool ways of work for portable goodies:

  1. Foam is your friend.
  2. Plaster is the enemy, use acrylic matte medium or white glue with industrial paper towels.
  3. Glue everything or make it removable, because it's coming off one way or the other.
  4. If the object is heavy think about pins if you must leave it in place.
  5. Bamboo skewers make great foam reinforcement and can be used to make long wiring holes.

Make a couple of small dioramas if you want to try out some techniques.

I visited your web page and I like what you've done. I have several questions.... you said your mountains are foam covered with cheese cloth and matte medium?

Yes, on my module that is the case. Others used plaster cloth or house paint mixed with dirt!

What do you put on top of that?

Nothing. Matte media comes in different thicknesses, the thick stuff is totally moldable as to shape and thickness. It's expensive though.

What did you use to construct the large mountains?

Foam, lots of foam! On mine I used matte medium and cheese cloth, very strong! Others used plaster cloth. Others used white glue on foam.