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Artists, mostly seal

From Wikipedia a list of Chinese painters
These artists do not have a wikipedia entry, spelling is Wade-Giles
Wang P'eng 1498-1573
Ho Chen ? precursor of Anhui School
Su Hsüan ? Anhui School
Shen Feng c1650?
Ting Ching 1695-1765
Lin Kao early Ching
Pa Wei Tsu 1743-1793
Hu T'ang c1760?
Huang I 1744-1801
Chiang Jen 1742-1795
Ch'en Yü Chung 1761-1806
Chao Chi Ch'en 1780-1860
Ch'ien Sung ?-1860
Wu Tzu 1813-1858
Wu Hsi Tsai 1799-1870
Chao Chi Ch'ien 1829-1884
Huang Shih Ling 1849-1908
Wu Ch'ang Shih 1844-1927
Teng San-mu c1950


From Wikipedia an entry on East Asian Calligraphy
陶文 - Pottery inscriptions
甲骨文 - Oracle bone script
大篆 - Large seal
小篆 - Small seal
鐘鼎文 - Bronze inscriptions
鐘鼎 - Bell and tripod (Bronze inscriptions)
金文 - Metal script (Bronze inscriptions)
隸書 - Clerical script
楷 書 - Regular script


印章 - Seals
官印 - Official seals
私印 - Private seals
閑章 - Leisure seals
收藏章 - Collector's seals


篆刻 - to carve seals
臨摹 - to copy calligraphy or painting


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Xiling Society of Seal Arts
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