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Free textures - Billed as the world's largest. Awesome!
Mayang - was the best site, now just so so. Good news for us!

Paper Buildings, info and other goodies

Railroad Buildings and Structures - Yahoo group
Build Your Own Historic Illinois Buildings - very nice collection of paper building for free!
A couple of Santa Fe railroad structures
Evan's Designs - Software for paper buildings and textures as well!
Scale Scenes - UK buildings - Good tips section with a couple of very strange free downloads. UK practice?

Links from my lists and the Building and Structures Yahoo group

CARLI Digital Collections
Denver Public Library
Digital Librarian: a librarian's choice of the best of the Web
Ball State University Digital Media Repository
Endangered Durham NC
Indiana Genealogy
Indiana University Archives - Charles W. Cushman Photograph Collection
Iowa Heritage Digital Collections
The Library of Congress Digital Collections
Minnesota Digital Library
Minnesota Historical Society Visual Resources Database Totally awesome selection of pictures!
Syracuse University Library Department of Special Collections Erie Railroad Company
University of Illinois Digital Collection
University of  Pittsburgh Digital Research Library
University of Wisconsin Digital Collection
Virginia Tech Imagebase 

Great Buildings from the Library of Congress


The LOC has about 70 some odd breweries listed in the HAEB/HAER database. Most are large and imposing buildings but some are quite small and funky. I prefer the smaller ones.


Ferd-Heim Brewing Company, Guthrie, OK - Very narrow and bizarre looking stone and brick structure.

Gilbert Brewery, Wallace Street, Virginia City, Madison, MT - Shades of E.L. Moore! Mixed construction.

Lone Star Brewery, San Antonio, TX  - Very small adobe ca 1855.

Old Brewery, Main Street, Weaverville, Trinity, CA - Fairly strange as well. Mixed construction.

Union Brewery, Virginia City, Storey, NV - Brick, good for a main street scene.


Industrial Areas

Union Depot Area, Tacoma, WA


Mines and Stamp Mills

Quincy Mining Company, Hancock, Houghton, MI - Almost 1,000 pages of documentation!

Standard Gold Mill, East of Bodie Creek, Northeast of Bodie, Bodie, Mono, CA - Another really nice package.

Miscellanous You Tube Videos, etc.

Gaming buildings and terrain by The Kamloopian